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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Angels of Anarchy...

Francesca Woodman
On Being an Angel # 1, 1977
Courtesy of George and Betty Woodman and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York

"Angels of Anarchy is the first major exhibition in Europe to explore the crucial role that women artists played in the surrealist art movement.The exhibition features over 150 artworks, including paintings, photography, sculpture and surreal objects, created by three generations of artists from around the globe."

I recently saw this exhibition as part of my research for my essay I have coming up next month. I originally wanted to write it about John Coplans but I struggled to find information on his work. I knew I wanted to write about an artist who I have alot in common with (in my work anyway) and his indepth documentation of his own body through photography I thought would tie in well with the themes In my own work. As I stated before he was hard to find information on. Then my tutor told me about the 'angels of anarchy' exhibition and the fact there would be work of Francesca Woodman's on display.

Woodman is an artist I have researched before and I find her fascinating as an artsit and as a human being. Her life and tragic suicide are surrounded in so much mystery I cant help but be fascinated in her art work, which to me, showed signs of what may (and did) come.

Woodman was fascinated with photographing her own body within its domestic environment. Her work in my opinion is a statement about the stereotypical views of womens roles in the home aswell as being viewed for their bodies alone.

The 13 min video piece of Woodmans that was being shown at the exhibition contianed images of her behind paper and tearing away smalls pieces to reveal certain areas of her naked body. A simple concept of wanting to reveal yourself, hidden identity, etc but very effective as a piece of footage.

Overall I loved the exhibition just for Woodman's work because Its really going to help my essay. However there were other great works by artists such as Frida Kharlo etc.

Great show.

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