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My work has developed a lot over the 3 years I've studied for my degree. It has evolved into a body of work that deals with the human form as an environment. I've mapped and explored my own body inside and out in many ways through print, drawing and various media as a type of research to address self identity

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Assessment time once again!

Well today was the deadline for my work to put up for display and to be marked etc. I'm so proud of what I've achieved this term. I've grown as an artist and my work has really progressed. I was kind of lazy the past year I've truly kicked myself up the back side and pulled through. The work looks so good now its up and been presented in a more professional manner.
I think its the first time I've actually enjoyed the run up to assessment, I was enjoying making the work...exploring the possibilities my ideas held. Moreover I am now even more excited to push my ideas even further after christmas...but right now I'm going to start think about some ideas for my print option module.
heres some photos of the final result:

This is a view of the whole space:

This is the large stitched piece of work I made...with some close ups following

This piece was the last thing I made...its a series of small mono prints on tissues paper...stitched together then onto a large sheet of fabric..then pasted over with a PVA water solution to create creases and tears.

These are the smaller stitched pieces I have posted about before...I decided to frame them in open frames with no glass..suspended by thread.

These are again a series of small mono pr
ints on tissue paper..but displayed as they were originally, fragile, delicate and moving with any slightly breeze or breath...

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This page is primarily a documentation of my art work I create. I'm a BA Fine Art, Mixed Media Student currently in my final year of my degree.

My work deals with ideas of the fragility of the human condition and often consists of images of my own body. I tend to work with materials that reflect the delicacy of the human form such as stitch and fabrics. My drawing style i like to describe as a "nervous" line, which also ties in with the themes of all my work.