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My work has developed a lot over the 3 years I've studied for my degree. It has evolved into a body of work that deals with the human form as an environment. I've mapped and explored my own body inside and out in many ways through print, drawing and various media as a type of research to address self identity

Monday, 17 May 2010

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Just watched an amazing drama about the life of Boy Georgecalled "Worried About the Boy"
It focused mainly on his early years when he attended the now infamous 'Blitz' club which was known for characters like Leigh Bowery (Another figure I'm going to look at about ideas of costumes and becoming characters) being regular attendees.

It showed a side to George which I think society had forgotten from the result of his more recent reasons for being in the press. He was a complex character and a real artists who pushed boundaries of fashion and self expression.

A touching moment in the story was when George was talkin with his lover who was struggling to come to terms with his sexuality and George was pleading with him saying "I'll be anything you want me to be, I'm your girl" to which his lover replied "but you're not though are you" - A harsh truth about a time were being gay was still very much part of being in a minority group many men struggled to be themselves.

George used his look to express who he truely was, it wasnt an idea of "In private I dress differently, this is just my stage alter ego" George truely lived his look and his stage persona was the same in his personal life...His look began before his fame.

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My work deals with ideas of the fragility of the human condition and often consists of images of my own body. I tend to work with materials that reflect the delicacy of the human form such as stitch and fabrics. My drawing style i like to describe as a "nervous" line, which also ties in with the themes of all my work.