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My work has developed a lot over the 3 years I've studied for my degree. It has evolved into a body of work that deals with the human form as an environment. I've mapped and explored my own body inside and out in many ways through print, drawing and various media as a type of research to address self identity

Thursday, 3 September 2009

I've abandoned my blog

...and may i say Richard Kilroy makes me feel inadequate cause his blog is pretty brilliant and hes dedicated to it. Thanks Richard I'm a failure. So i notice my last entry was June 1st...thats 2 months and 2 days ago...ouch But lets get myself back into an organised state...

I need to get some ideas going for what I'm going to do with my 3rd year, which begins on the 16th. So i have exactly 2 weeks to get a project into pre-production.

the big question

To be nude or not?
Helen Chadwick - 'The Labours'

I want to continue with the body theme, I cant completley abandon my ideas and change the concept. BUT where to take it next? Do i actually go the whole mile and get nude? Is that my last obstacle?...I've got down to my boxers so far in my work, but each time i look at my biggest influences I cant help but notice they are completley NUDE. Don't get me wrong I dont intend to have full frontal gential photography, the poses would be respectable.

Quite often my projects have seemed to lean towards sewing/stitch/upholstering and my tutors have encouraged it but I've never took the plunge as i felt a bit scared. I've recently seen some works that have ideas of work with the body and experimenting with poses combined with this idea of upholstered forms. such as Sarah Lucas 'Pauline Bunny'



  1. Herb Ritts and Robert Mapplethorpe would be good to look at. Their actual books though, not websites or mags x

  2. Mapplethorpe is pretty amazing...if not a little erotic for my work but still good idea...as he uses shadows really well



Welcome to my blog! :)

This page is primarily a documentation of my art work I create. I'm a BA Fine Art, Mixed Media Student currently in my final year of my degree.

My work deals with ideas of the fragility of the human condition and often consists of images of my own body. I tend to work with materials that reflect the delicacy of the human form such as stitch and fabrics. My drawing style i like to describe as a "nervous" line, which also ties in with the themes of all my work.