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My work has developed a lot over the 3 years I've studied for my degree. It has evolved into a body of work that deals with the human form as an environment. I've mapped and explored my own body inside and out in many ways through print, drawing and various media as a type of research to address self identity

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Costumes a facade

I was lying on the couch the other night, and without realising it I ended up spending 3 hours watching a Shirley Bassey evening on BBC 4. Before I knew it, it was after 1 am and it left me with a few thoughts.

The first programme was a behind the scenes/fly on the wall type documentary...It was strange seeing such an animated stage icon in jeans, a jumper and a head scarf...it was almost like it wasnt her. It made me wonder if shes only the Dame Shirley Bassey when shes on stage in her elaborate costumes?

Are we only who we are through the things we were? or is it the opposite...are we hiding our true selves behind our clothg? 

This has really made me think about why I'm creating this suit and dress...the meaning behind it.

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This page is primarily a documentation of my art work I create. I'm a BA Fine Art, Mixed Media Student currently in my final year of my degree.

My work deals with ideas of the fragility of the human condition and often consists of images of my own body. I tend to work with materials that reflect the delicacy of the human form such as stitch and fabrics. My drawing style i like to describe as a "nervous" line, which also ties in with the themes of all my work.